We operate Exclusively with Specialised Native Speakers in all languages.

Using TARGET LANGUAGE NATIVE SPEAKING TRANSLATORS means guaranteeing high quality of translations.

It means conveying every communicative nuance with a full context.
SPECIALISED professionals have a lexical and stylistic knowledge appropriate to the subject matter. It means that they can talk in the specific “jargon ” of each sector.

We know WHAT we say and HOW we say it: Our translators are first and foremost professionals in the subject matter with years of experience in translation.

Servizi traduzioni Brescia


  • Technical translations:use and maintenance manuals, texts for machinery software, data sheets, operator and electrical panels, instruction booklets, certificates of conformity, EC regulations, warranty clauses etc.
  • Business Translations: correspondence, contracts, brochures, price lists
  • Advertising and publishing sector translations:company catalogues, websites, newsletters, press releases, company memos and letters
  • Scientific translations: papers, articles, researches, theses
  • Legal and sworn translations:minutes, decrees, notarial deeds, certificates, articles of association
  • Financial Translations: company financial statements
  • Tourism sector translations: guides, reviews, documentation, collections
  • Other services:We also provide graphics and DTP services
Servizi traduzioni Brescia


Our method, consolidated and regarded as particularly efficient by the market, requires use of qualified and certified translators and with proven experience, specialised in different industrial and professional sectors, able to perform their tasks with a sharp, accurate approach and competence in the evaluation of content. Our translators are native speakers of the target language of their translations.

Each text is TRANSLATED and REVISED by 2 different operators to guarantee maximum QUALITY

  • An experienced translator translates the text in their native language
  • Another translator carefully reviews it

We use different types of software to support our staff and allowing us to:

  • Check the translation and correct any errors
  • Create a dedicated and personalised glossary for each company, which can be used in the translations to come
  • Save time and costs





The professional competence of our collaborators and all our staff resides in the perfect fulfilment of all the procedures for translations in all the required languages, with particular attention to the final use of the text and to the channels of use of the contents being translated.


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