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    Send us an email with the text preferably in word format.

    It will be our pleasure to calculate an estimate of costs and delivery times depending on the nature and language of the text.

    Yes, we do translate from source to target language both different from Italian.
    We offer this service in various language combinations.

    Localisation is an activity that accompanies translation, using cultural and communicative adaptation techniques to make the content usable and clear while respecting the linguistic habits of a given area.

    Yes, and please warn us in advance if you need such a translation. In this case, we will select one of our native speakers specialised in promotion and communication in order to translate with an advertising-based and high impact communication and linguistic approach.

    Yes, we work with a Graphics Studio that takes care of the graphics and DTP.
    We will take care to respect the layout of the source text according to your instructions, or to draw up manuals ex novo.

    We are aware that every product and service has different opportunities in every market.
    If needed we can also employ other professionals on site.